6 Top Pregnancy Essentials (for Every Trimester)

6 Top Pregnancy Essentials (for Every Trimester)

Since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve heard of at least 15 friends/family members that are also pregnant with close due dates to mine! I don’t think this is selective perception at all – it’s a beautiful coincidence and I’m loving the chance to share similar experiences with them, around similar times. Aside of sharing many common symptoms, we also share a desperate need to learn about learn about pregnancy essentials, life hacks and products that’ll help make our lives easier and smoother, while making sure that we take good care of our health, as well as the baby’s.

I’m the type of person who selects every product very carefully and does an extended research from multiple sources before purchasing anything – especially if we’re on a topic as serious as pregnancy. Add in the fact that we live in a small Toronto condo, we have to be even more mindful of the things we purchase and bring into our home, as we have very little space for anything new. So we make sure everything really adds comfort/happiness/value into our life. As a result, I can confidently say that the products you’re about to read are really the essentials that I’ve used EVERY SINGLE DAY during this pregnancy (starting at different stages) and that I swear by. (Lol, that sounds like I’m giving 100% satisfaction guarantee.)

Having said that… Here are my

6 Top Pregnancy Essentials for All Trimesters

Meiz Pregnancy Pillow

6 Top Pregnancy Essentials (for Every Trimester)  - meiz pregnancy pillow

Early on in the pregnancy, I was reading all the articles I could find about ‘pregnancy must-have‘s and was trying to find out how I could make my life easier and more comfortable. One of the top items everyone seemed to be recommending was a pregnancy pillow. At the time of reading the articles, it didn’t make much sense because I did not have a bump yet and wasn’t able to imagine how much my body could change! I made a note of this, but left it for a later stage of the pregnancy.

Come week 19-20, my sleep routine was destroyed and I no longer felt comfortable sitting or laying in bed in my usual positions. I wasn’t able to have a full night’s sleep anymore and I normally have no problems with sleep at all! I knew the time had come for a pregnancy pillow and started searching for one on Amazon. After a long research and run through of all the reviews, we decided to get the Meiz Pregnancy Pillow. The reviews were RIGHT ON SPOT! I love this pillow so much that words are not enough to describe the comfort level. It supports the belly and back perfectly, as well as the neck. The filling and height of the pillow is just ideal.

I’m pretty sure I’ll use this pillow after pregnancy as well, especially when reading in bed. It is definitely the best and Baris already has his eye on the pillow whenever I’m not using it! 🙂 The only thing I’d criticize is that it takes up a lot of space and is slightly heavy. However the comfort is SO worth it!

Essential oils

6 Top Pregnancy Essentials (for Every Trimester)  - essentiail oils

One of the first things I researched was which skincare products are safe to use during pregnancy and instantly stop whatever I was currently using (just in case). I never owned tons of skincare products, but I had a few from Kiehls that I’d use for acne and treating dark spots, which included acids in them. I learnt that salycilic acid, which is one of the prime ingredients for acne products should not be used during pregnancy, among many other things. Good call that I stopped using my regular products.

At the same time, your skin is highly affected by the changing hormonal situation you’re going through and needs extra care and love. I knew I could find natural substitutes for hydration and treating skin problems, I just hadn’t put in that effort before. Soon enough, I found out about the magical world of essential oils and regret waiting until pregnancy to do this research. They feel so good on your skin and are so effective.

So what have I been using? Vitamin E Skin Oil by Derma-E (for my face & neck, and the belly – it is absorbed super fast and moisturizes so well), Rosehip Seed Oil by Kosmea (again, moisturizes so well), 100% Tea Tree Oil (for treating acne and scars) and Vitamin C Serum by All Natural Advice (anti-aging, anti-wrinkles and skin health). I love them all and will definitely keep using them post-pregnancy too.

Lululemon Align Pant Leggings

6 Top Pregnancy Essentials (for Every Trimester) - lululemon leggings

Until later in the second trimester, I was still (somewhat) comfortable in my pre-pregnancy leggings and strech Uniqlo pants. When I was about 22 weeks along though, this suddenly changed and I was desperate to find clothing that I could feel comfortable in. Leggings are a life saver in general during pregnancy, but not all styles are really comfortable for the growing baby. You also don’t want to buy something that you’ll wear only for a few more weeks and realize you’ve already outgrown.

I initially purchased a pair of leggings from GAPFit maternity collection and it is comfortable, but not really what I was looking for. It has lines on the legs (in front and sides) which makes it good for the gym, but not for casual use and I didn’t love the fact that it goes above the belly. With these styles, I’ve found that you’re not able to wear them comfortably until your belly grows enough to fit into that space. When I got these, my belly was still rather small (not small enough to fit into low rise regular leggings, but not as big to fit into maternity wear either) and I didn’t love wearing these.

After research, I found out that Lululemon Align Pant leggings were highly recommended and although I normally find their leggings too pricey, I decided to give it a try because this was an item I’d be wearing maybe half of the week every week. The recommendations couldn’t be more on spot! I loved the feel of these leggings as soon as I tried them on and what’s so great about them is that the fabric is so strech that it grows with your belly (until the end of 9 months), but at the same time, it has such good quality that it doesn’t go loose either. Basically, you can wear this all throughout your pregnancy and later on when you’re no longer pregnant, because it fits into your size. Isn’t that amazing?

Final opinion: this is the best pair of leggings I’ve ever owned and I will keep purchasing these post-pregnancy too.

Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle

6 Top Pregnancy Essentials (for Every Trimester)  - water bottle

I purchased this water bottle way before I learnt I was pregnant, but have started to use it daily during pregnancy and it’s been great. Hydration is key during pregnancy as any pregnant lady will tell you, and they have a point! You’ll feel more thirst than ever starting as early as the first days of your pregnancy and carrying a water bottle is really the solution.

No matter how heavy my bag was, I carried my Kleen Kanteen water bottle everywhere I went and I love that it doesn’t spill in your bag once you push down on the cap. It’s really durable and lightweight when its not full.

GapFit Seamless Low Support Plunge Sports Bra

6 Top Pregnancy Essentials (for Every Trimester)  - sports bra

Surprise, surprise! One of the key changes you’ll experience is growing boobs! It’s unstoppable and it affects everyone – no escaping from this. 🙂 This change makes some of us happy and some of us really uncomfortable – but hey, there’s no way to stop it. We kind of sign up for this when we’re having a baby.

Having said this, your bra size will change and you may have a hard time keeping up with it as they keep growing. For me, this started in the second trimester and I noticed I no longer fit into my bras or sports bras. I came across these sports bras when I was on Gap Maternity online store, searching for workout clothes. I ordered them in 2 colors and love them so much! In fact, I use them instead of my regular bras on some days because truth be told, all I want is comfort on some days.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting [Book]

I only purchased one book, and that book that is known to be the encyclopedia of all things pregnancy: What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

One book to rule them all – an all-in-one source that gets you prepared for the crazy nine months you’ll go through. I love how detailed the book is written and covers every single thing that goes through your mind at each week and stage of the pregnancy. It is my go-to source for any question I have about a change that my body is going through or how the baby is feeling or doing at any given moment. I support the book with an app on my phone to track the current week and get daily tips, but I have found this book to be very helpful and comforting too. It almost feels as if I am getting personal answers to my questions. Definitely a great read during these months.

Pregnancy essentials take you for the long haul…

You’re in this process for at least nine months and it’s definitely a time in your life when you should invest in items that give you comfort and make life easier. This is not to say go crazy and buy everything that is recommended on the market because you definitely won’t need all of them. However, you’re going to need a few new products to see you through and the list I’ve put together includes only the KEY items that I’m extremely happy about. I hope you find them useful!

Let me know if you have recommendations or which items you’ve loved during your pregnancy! I’m very curious to know and I’d love for others to also learn more tips in the comments section.

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6 Top Pregnancy Essentials for All Trimesters

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