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Kevin Law Testimonial
After struggling to find a job during COVID lockdowns, I booked a careers consultation with Elif. She gave me very useful advice to really stand out from a digital marketing manager’s perspective. I aced my next interview and secured the job, against 450 other applicants!

Perhaps even more importantly, we came up with a clear long term game plan on how to approach personal branding with my unique background and my unique set of strengths. We identified a very specific niche I could fill with my current knowledge and skillset, and side projects I could work on to establish my reputation as an expert in that field.

If you are someone proactive about advancing in your career, I can’t recommend Elif highly enough!
Kevin Law
Digital Marketing Specialist, Melbourne

“Hey, Elif. I began my steps towards digital marketing by randomly landing upon that famous day in the life video…and I’m so thankful that I got you… til today I haven’t found a better content creator than you..love love love your content.”

Sarika Sangwan

“Having my first marketing interview on Friday! Your videos really helped me find confidence to go for it! Read Buyology in college also, great book. Thank you! ✨”

Vegas Girl

“Your videos have helped me so much to build a career plan and navigate the beginnings of it (just graduated 🎓)! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge in such an ccessible, amazing way. 🤩🌟”

Olivia M.
As a marketing professional who is pretty early in his marketing career, Elif’s videos and resources were exactly what I was looking for.

Her videos around careers in the marketing space along with her templates plus super practical marketing "how-to" tips helped me to develop the right skillsets and mindset I needed to:

> Impress my current manager at my job and consistently hit my KPI's

> Lessen the anxiety I was feeling when I was questioning whether or not marketing was for me

> Have a mentor figure I can look to for guidance

Because of Elif's videos, I can confidently say that I became a better marketer.

Thanks Elif!

Also, we have similar names - how cool is that? 😎
Alif Huq
Content Marketing Specialist, Ontario


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