Surviving Our First Winter in Canada [VIDEO]

Surviving Our First Winter in Canada

In this week’s video, I have my husband and 2 best friends in the city join me and it’s been a great experience to film with them! Our friends Dilan and Jimmy moved to Toronto from Turkey in July 2018 and we moved to the city in August 2018, which means we basically started our adaptation and orientation around the same time and season (aka. Slowly moving from warm and nice weathers to the harsh winter season). Now that we’re only a week away from April, which means that we SURVIVED THROUGH OUR FIRST WINTER IN CANADA! Hooray!

As four newcomers to Toronto, Canada, we share our tips and tricks on how we survived our first winter here and how we stayed warm! We talk about our expectations and experience, essential clothing items, favorite/worst winter moments, and more.

What are your top hacks to survive long and super cold winters?

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