Tools To Level Up Your Success in Marketing and Land Your Dream Job

The Ultimate Marketing Template Kit

You start a new job. You take on a new client. And there’s a million things you need to do. To crush your job and stay sane, you need systems to automate your work, track your numbers and make it scalable.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Plan, execute and optimize your marketing activities with ready-to-use templates. Give yourself the gift of success in your job.

How to Land Your First Marketing Job Online Course

Looking to start a career in marketing but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’ve sent hundreds of applications and all you hear is…silence?

In this course, you will learn how to:

1:1 Consulting with me

You went through everything but have more questions. We all do. That’s why finding mentors to help us grow is important. You may need an expert to review your resume, to help find your direction, evaluate options, prepare applications and determine how to start building your experience. You name it.

Let me be your coach and we’ll identify your steps to success together.

“Hey, Elif. I began my steps towards digital marketing by randomly landing upon that famous day in the life video…and I’m so thankful that I got you… til today I haven’t found a better content creator than love love your content.”

Sarika Sangwan

“Having my first marketing interview on Friday! Your videos really helped me find confidence to go for it! Read Buyology in college also, great book. Thank you! ✨”

Vegas Girl

“Your videos have helped me so much to build a career plan and navigate the beginnings of it (just graduated 🎓)! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge in such an ccessible, amazing way. 🤩🌟”

Olivia M.

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