Working in Marketing – Marketing Agency Vs In-House Marketing Team

Working in Marketing - Marketing Agency Vs In-House Marketing Team

When following a career in marketing, a huge part of your decision making is to decide whether to work ‘in-house’ or for an agency. When you choose one over the other, it doesn’t mean that your decision has to be final and you have to stay in that one forever. You can change between an agency and in house marketing team, but it’s important to know what these options mean, so you can make a conscious decision when you’re applying for jobs or about to accept an offer. 

In-house marketing vs. marketing agency definitions

In-house marketing simply means that the marketing efforts will be done by people who are hired and trained within a company. The marketing team members are employees of the company and their single focus is the marketing goals of that one company. With this said, the marketing team will be able to understand the company identity first-hand and help build the brand from the ground up.

On the other hand, a marketing agency consists of a team of marketing professionals that offer their expertise and services to other companies seeking help with their marketing efforts. In an agency, your work is dependent on the request of the agency’s clients and you will be expected to create and implement solutions and campaigns to their deadlines.

Click to watch the video to learn about the differences between the two options and pros and cons. It aims to help you decide which path is more suitable for you.

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