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"I wish I didn't invest in myself this early on in life", said no one ever.

Want to know a common thing I hear from everyone? They ALL wish they started investing in up-levelling their skills earlier on in life. Someone else in the world has already been through the learning curve for you and you can benefit from their experience. That knowledge is priceless!
There’s an abundance of free content (on this site and on The Web). Take advantage of that, but remember that when we don’t invest our money into something, we often aren’t incentivized to see it through. Investing in yourself and putting dedicated time, energy, and money towards personal growth is the single best thing you can do. 
I’ve created thousands of hours worth of comprehensive content, templates and courses to help you succeed in your marketing career journey! It’s your turn to explore and learn. 
Most fresh graduates and young professionals have no clue how to land their first marketing jobs. 
In this course, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to land a marketing job: you’ll have a job hunt action plan, A-level resume and cover letter, and a strategy for your job interviews. 

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Ready-to-use marketing templates so you can focus on other things

Career Starter Kit
Essential resources you need to start your career:
⚫️ Resume & Cover Letter Templates
⚫️  Resume Best Practices
⚫️  Linkedin Profile Best Practices
⚫️  Job Search Organizer
⚫️  Job Interview Prep Report
⚫️  Follow-Up Email Template
⚫️  Questions To Ask In Interviews
Ultimate Marketing Template Kit
Creating templates takes the fun out of marketing.
Plan, execute and optimize your marketing activities with 5 ready-to-use templates. Focus on growth and getting things done from day 1.
Marketing Campaign Planning Template
What’s the top factor that affects the success of a marketing campaign? How well you plan it!
Use this step by step checklist to guide you when you’re working on a marketing campaign and need to guarantee a successful launch.

Want to secure job offers?

Preparing strategically for an interview is half the victory.
>>> Selecting a job post on Linkedin and preparing for it through a video course so you learn the exact process. <<<  
Get ready to see consistent results and job offers in your inbox after you learn how to prepare for interviews the right way. 
Time to write your own success stories. 

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Social Media Audit Guide Download Freebie
Social Media Audit Guide

Want a handy guide to record your findings from your social media review? 

Use this guide to help you get started with reviewing your social media channels and create an impressive report that will be the foundation of your strategy. 

Elif Hiz editorial calendar template download
Editorial Calendar Template

An editorial calendar is one of the key assets you’ll need to organize and manage your content marketing. 

Optimize your content production, planning and track the ROI of your work by using an editorial calendar. 


Strategic Blog Writing Guide

Writing blog posts that people want to read and search engines want to rank is no easy task! 

This is the guide that I share with my own team and clients when onboarding and planning the content strategy. Take your blog posts up a notch.

If you haven’t been on the Youtube channel, you’re in for a treat!
I run the only marketing and career channel that focuses on offering the knowledge and resources for aspiring marketers, helping them succeed in the first years of their career. Join the community of 26K and growing by the minute. New videos every week. 
P.S. People say this channel fills the gap of a ‘mentor’ they were looking for all along.

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You went through everything but have more questions. Whether you need an expert to review your resume, find your direction, evaluate options, need a winning application strategy, or need to figure out how to build your experience, we can work to identify your steps to success together. 
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