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Essential Remote Working Tools for 2019 & A New Favorite Desk Lamp


When it comes to work gear, working remotely has taught me to keep my equipment minimal and lightweight. Over the 4+ years that I’ve worked this way, I have travelled way too many times, worked from over 100’s of cafes and coworking spaces and have had 6 home offices. Since I need to be very mobile and ready to make any space my #officeoftheday, I eventually came up with some essential remote working tools, which are literally a handful of…

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What is Remote Work? How I Began Working Remotely? | Career Tips #1

Do I Prefer Working Remotely? [VIDEO]

Last week I introduced a new series on my Youtube channel called the CAREER TIPS, and started answering the most typical questions I’ve received over the years about remote work, entrepreneurship and being self-employed. In second video of the series, I answered a key…

Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Manager

Day In The Life of A Digital Marketing Manager [VIDEO]

Career selection is a struggle for so many, and it definitely was for me back in the day. I started my career in the corporate world in business development and discovered my passion while doing an MBA, few years into work life. When my…

Remote Work is a Paradigm Shift

Remote Work is a Paradigm Shift

Remote work is a paradigm shift; a new era of work. It is changing how we do business and bringing outstanding opportunities in the game. Here's the top three points that get me quite excited and curious about this trend. …

Building Culture In Remote Teams

Building Culture in Remote Teams

Remote work is on the global rise and more companies are transitioning into this model. Does this create a challenge to build your company culture? Here are some principles that have worked for others and myself...…