Hey – I’m Elif.

A digital marketer, Youtuber, marketing professor and above all, mom to my beautiful girl Ada.

On my online platforms, I talk about digital marketing, working remotely and self-growth, as well as life in Canada as a newcomer and how my life and work changed after becoming a mom.

With my content, products and courses, I aim to guide aspiring marketers how to get their dream job in marketing and to set them up for success in their marketing career. 


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Latest Posts

  • How To Learn Google Analytics [Without Having A Website]
    A key challenge for anyone who wants to learn how to use Google Analytics is not having a website. Unless you have your own website, the common assumption is that you can’t get hands-on experience with the tool. BUT YOU CAN.   In this blog I share how you can learn Google Analytics for free, …

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  • 8 Essential (Hard) Skills For Marketers
    What makes a professional marketer distinguishable from his/her peers? What marketing skills are required to keep a steady pace in the competitive marketing world? What specific skills help marketers to successfully strategize and execute marketing campaigns?  These are the questions that arise in the mind of every person who is about to take the first …

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  • How To Choose Your Marketing Specialization
    How to choose a marketing specialization is one of the key questions that comes up for anyone looking to start a career in marketing. It is an FAQ from my YouTube channel and seems to be one of the topics that confuses you the most. So let’s dive into the subject and I will answer …

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  • 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Career in Marketing
    Starting a career in digital marketing doesn’t necessarily require a specific degree. Nevertheless, you will need to study a great deal of information, gain relevant skills and expertise to establish your career. As a novice in the early days of my career, I had to go through many experiences and I learned by trial and …

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  • Free Marketing Resources To Follow
    One of the most commonly asked questions over on my YouTube channel surrounds marketing resources. There’s an ocean of content on marketing and it’s hard to pinpoint what is good quality content and how not to go stir crazy trying to catch up with everything. There are many free online marketing resources which allows users …

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  • Marketing During Covid19
    How Can Marketers (& Businesses) Adapt and Survive the Crisis So much has happened over the past weeks and businesses took a hard hit from Covid-19. Buyers may be on hold but companies need to survive this crisis and marketers need to readjust their strategies along with the rest of the business units.  I share …

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