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Long Haul Flight Hacks – Comfort Guaranteed


I’ve been a frequent traveler since I was a child and have done countless long-haul flights over my lifetime. At one point in my life, flying between Europe and North America became a pretty regular activity and I simply had to build my own list of long-haul flight hacks to survive. It’s funny how SITTING can become such an exhausting activity and that you have to prepare for it – physically and mentally – to have a comfortable trip. Here…

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Tips to See the Iconic Spots in New York

Tips to See the Top-Rated New York Attractions

There’s so much to do in New York and who has enough time when they are a tourist, am I right? I have to admit that I feel a little overwhelmed when I have limited number of days in the Big Apple and struggle…

3 Miami Restaurants You Must Try

3 Miami Restaurants You Must Try

Going on a vacation means exploring, new adventures, lots of photos and experiences, but perhaps above all, it means trying new food and restaurants! Food is something that just strengthens the connection and memories that I have with a new place I’m visiting. Perhaps…