Free Marketing Resources To Follow


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about free resources to learn digital marketing and what my go-to marketing resources are for staying up to date and enhancing my skills. There is SO MUCH information available and we’re very lucky to have access to great and free marketing resources nowadays. Blogs, Youtube channels, podcasts, social media accounts – you name it! So much information is available to learn digital marketing and grow your knowledge. I’m sharing some…

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Marketing During Covid19

How Can Marketers (& Businesses) Adapt and Survive the Crisis So much has happened over the past weeks and businesses took a hard hit from Covid-19. Buyers may be on hold but companies need to survive this crisis and marketers need to readjust their…

Drive sales on instagram

Drive More Sales on Instagram

Who doesn’t want to drive more sales on Instagram? Instagram is one of the top platforms brands invest in to increase their sales. Howeve my observation is that they tend to focus more on audience growth, while they should utilize the features of the…


I Have a New Title: Call me MOM

‘Motherhood is the only job you can’t quit from’. It didn’t take me long to truly understand this phrase and realize how difficult motherhood is. And will be. FOREVER. If I’m being honest, sticking with something for the rest of my life is a…

A Career in Digital Marketing in 2019

A Career in Digital Marketing in 2019 [VIDEO]

After publishing my ‘Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Manager‘ video, I received so many questions from people who are interested in getting into the marketing field and getting a job in marketing. Marketing is a field that keeps growing and expanding…

6 Top Pregnancy Essentials (for Every Trimester) - essentiail oils

Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Pregnancy changes everything about your body and your skin definitely isn’t excluded. The ever-changing hormone levels make you feel highs and lows at the same time, blur your thoughts one minute then clear your mind the next, give you a beauty effect one day…

Transitioning Out of Full-Time Work and Into Maternity Leave

Transitioning Out of Full-Time Work and Into Maternity Leave

I had been working full-time for nearly 8 years, launched several businesses at certain times over the course of my career, and established a consultancy business last November. Work was always a big piece in my life and although I’m the constant questioning type,…