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Elif Hiz About Me

About Me... In a Nutshell

I was born and raised in Turkey and moved to Montreal at age 17. After completing my undergraduate degree at McGill University, I returned to Istanbul to start my career in the corporate world, which evolved into a specialization in digital marketing over the years.

I’ve led the marketing team at a fast growing mobile tech startup, held account manager and inbound marketing manager roles within global marketing agencies, consulted amazing companies and launched my own projects. My experience working with clients that range from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies in the SaaS, tech and e-commerce spaces has been nothing but amazing.

Living in Istanbul pushed me to explore remote working and the Future of Work concepts quite early on, which also shaped the way I live and work.

I’ve been travelling and moving around the world quite a lot over the past 10 years, and finally settled in Toronto with my husband, as of August 2018. We welcomed our daughter in our lives in May 2019 and my life changed… For the better 🙂. But busier.


I’m currently trying to find the best balance between motherhood and running a business.

What I Do

I teach aspiring marketers how to get their dream job in marketing and set them up for success in the first years of their career.

I’m an inbound marketer, a content creator and marketing educator.

I grew my Youtube channel from 0 to 20K during my maternity leave.

I create content on marketing, remote work, career tips and life as a working mom.

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Marketing Analytics professor at George Brown College in Toronto.

Passionate about helping companies reach their marketing potential and generate leads through effective marketing programs. I also enjoy working on ideas and products that can solve everyday problems for people – most recent project was an airport library created by travellers – it was launched on Product Hunt in April 2018.

I love designing marketing strategies that tie in creative content, inbound methodology and business goals. I have worked with SaaS businesses for nearly 5 years, as well as significant corporate experience prior to that.

Through working remotely for many years with virtual teams and a variety of cultures across the globe, I’ve gained the skill to manage projects and build teams in this work model, and fell in love with the flexibility and opportunities it entails. It also enabled me to work with teams and clients from many cultures, which has helped me grow personally and professionally.

Get in Touch

Email – if you have a longer question or you’re not the social media type shoot an email (elifohiz@gmail.com). I am committed to reading all of my emails and always aim for inbox zero but sometimes it takes me longer than I’d like it to. I can’t guarantee a response to every email because time is a precious commodity.

Linkedin – I’m quite active on Linkedin and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can if you send me a DM. Please make the message clear if it’s a question.

Instagram – If Instagram is your preferred platform, send a DM – maybe not as fast as email or Linkedin but I will get to it eventually.

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