3 Miami Restaurants You Must Try

Going on a vacation means exploring, new adventures, lots of photos and experiences, but perhaps above all, it means trying new food and restaurants! Food is something that just strengthens the connection and memories that I have with a new place I’m visiting. Perhaps because it alerts many of our sensory buds at the same time. Who knows?!

Miami is one of my favorite cities in the world and an absolute foodie heaven – and yes, I’m being objective. I’m lucky to have my brother (a Miami local of almost 10 years) as my guide whenever I visit this sunshine city. This way, I never go wrong with any food choices and I absolutely love having this privilege. I truly believe that you can experience the city with a much different perspective when you’re with a local who knows what the locals enjoy, instead of the famous but tourist-y places.

I have a lot of favorites in Miami, so filtering them down is pretty difficult. But here’s three places that I think you should definitely try out:

3 Miami Restaurants to Try: Bar & Grill, Sushi, Burgers & Beers

Photo c/o Sugarcane


We’ve been to Sugarcane for a honeymoon dinner in 2014 and have revisited this place on every other Miami trip we’ve done since then. Sugarcane is a raw bar and grill with a chill, but somewhat fancy atmosphere (especially in the evenings). They have an open fire grill, sushi & raw bar, and traditional kitchen and it’s all overseen by award-winning Chef Partner Timon Balloo.

I love how they define their cuisine on their website:

The menu is inspired by culinary traditions from all regions of the world, just as our namesake – sugarcane, the primary ingredient in rum – is grown all over the world. And while global cuisines always influence us, we also tap into our local communities for both culinary inspiration as well as regionally sourced ingredients.

For dinner, they have a long list of dishes that are not large enough to be main dishes, but also not small enough to be considered as tapas. Our waiter suggested that 2-3 of these orders make up one main meal, so make your calculations when ordering! For 2 people, we found 5 orders to be more than enough, but choose the orders depending on your hunger level. Perhaps what I love most about this place is their signature cocktails that are almost too pretty to drink! Strawberry Balsamic and Hibiscus Blossom were among our favorites. If you’re up for a dessert, they also have a special dessert called Torrejas that consists of apples, cinnamon, french toast and vanilla icecream. Finger-licking good.


I’m one of those people who’ve despised the idea of sushi for many years, then became a sushi lover after finding the right sushi that I couldn’t take off my mind. Nowadays as a pregnant lady, I’ll have to admit that it’s one of the foods I really miss having.

Katana was one of my favorite places to have sushi (globally), so it definitely earned it’s place to my top Miami restaurants. It’s a small, yet incredibly popular sushi place in the Miami Beach area. The seating is for maximum of 20-25 people and there’s always a long line-up at the door. Be prepared to wait for a while, especially if you’re going on an evening. Once you’re in, I don’t know what’s not to like about this place!? The concept is really fun: pick your dish when you see it coming your way on the little boat. Plates have different colors and each color means a different price – you can check the latest pricing on their wall.

The ingredients are really fresh and everything is delicious. I personally loved the sushi options with tuna and the crab salad. Definitely a must try and a huge bonus is the affordable prices.


Who doesn’t like burgers? Am I right, or am I right? Plain, with cheese, double, vegan, on a hot bun or wrapped in lettuce. There’s an option for everyone and that’s what I really like about burgers – I can shape them into however I like them. Lokal is a Coral Gables burger house that has a variety of burgers and beers that can appeal to anyone. The regular burgers have a Lokal stamp (grilled) on the bun and must I say that this is such a smart branding tactic? I personally also love having a lettuce wrapped option when I feel like cutting down on some calories, which you can ask to get for any burger on the menu. Also having mentioned calories, I’d have to note that their draught beers and famous Key Lime Pie – that is perhaps equally as good as those in Key West – are also a must-try.

Bonus: I love that the restaurant has water and food bowls for dogs and menu options you can order for your dogs too!

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