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Working in Marketing – Marketing Agency Vs In-House Marketing Team [VIDEO]


When following a career in marketing, a huge part of your decision making is to decide whether to work ‘in-house’ or for an agency. When you choose one over the other, it doesn’t mean that your decision has to be final and you have to stay in that one forever. You can change between an agency and in house marketing team, but it’s important to know what these options mean, so you can make a conscious decision when you’re applying for…

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A Career in Digital Marketing in 2019

A Career in Digital Marketing in 2019 [VIDEO]

After publishing my ‘Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Manager‘ video, I received so many questions from people who are interested in getting into the marketing field and getting a job in marketing. Marketing is a field that keeps growing and expanding…

Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Manager

Day In The Life of A Digital Marketing Manager [VIDEO]

Career selection is a struggle for so many, and it definitely was for me back in the day. I started my career in the corporate world in business development and discovered my passion while doing an MBA, few years into work life. When my…