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Can You Get a Job in Digital Marketing Without a Degree? [VIDEO]


There was so much interest in my video about the Day in The Life of a Digital Marketing Manager and I am so happy to see that people took that video with such a positive approach. Many comments indicated that the video was helpful to  see a full day of marketing tasks and feedback showed me how much interest there is for my this field that I love so much. I have truly enjoyed working and growing in this field…

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What is Remote Work? How I Began Working Remotely? | Career Tips #1

Do I Prefer Working Remotely? [VIDEO]

Last week I introduced a new series on my Youtube channel called the CAREER TIPS, and started answering the most typical questions I’ve received over the years about remote work, entrepreneurship and being self-employed. In second video of the series, I answered a key…

How to Create The Perfect Resume

How to Create The Perfect Resume [VIDEO]

Is there anyone who didn’t need to build a resume in their adult life? Probably very few. How many of us feel comfortable that we have a perfect resume? Again, I’d assume it’s not many of us. We all created one sometime in our lives and…